Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dodgeball-In-Motion (",)

Battle ritual - Gerald's style... ("!)

Fast & furious =O

A game not for the weak-hearted. >_<

The Marshmallows vs The Gummies. (",)

This is an annual game that I play after PSLE since 2007. Excluding 2008, this is the 4th year. I often wonder how long this tradition can continue.

It all started with Mr Muz and his class on a particular day in 2007. From there, I discovered its therapeutic effect. It is a fun yet powerful stress reliever. When the pressure gets too overwhelming, we need to unwind and relax. Dodgeball not only helps to reduce the tension in us, it also allows our body to enjoy a complete workout.

While a couple of boys expressed their fear of getting hit (by the soft doink doink ball) and hence backing out by absenting themselves from school, everyone, especially the girls, has shown remarkable resilience and high threshold for pain (in the muscles). I enjoy the game thoroughly. What about u?

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