Sunday, October 16, 2011

6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party (Update #1)

Have u party yet?! (",)

Some suggested activities @ Aloha Loyang include:

1) Cycling (Driving license not required)
2) Swimming (With parental consent)
3) Captain's Ball (The fast & furious)
4) Basketball (If the ring is still there)
5) Soccer (5-on-5 challenge)
6) Dog-and-Bone (Stamina and strategic mind are pre-requisite)
7) Frisbee (For the young and not-so-old)
8) Water gun/bomb fight (Be ready to get really wet!)
9) Nintendo Wii-ing (Suitable for couch potatoes)
10) BBQ-ing (Chef required)
11) Strolling along the beach (Very romantic!)
12) Photo-taking (Must have!)
13) Camping over (Bring along your sleeping bag if u have one)
14) Chatting with friends (Not many chances left!)
15) Arcade-ing (Bring more 50-cent coins)
16) Ghost-story telling (Not for the weak-hearted)
17) Indoor game room (Climb & fight in here!)
18) Rollerblading (Wheels sold seperately)
19) ... and many, many more! >_<

Where else can u get to do so many fun & exciting things with your lovable classmates & cute form teacher? (".)

That's right! It's only @ 6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party @ Aloha Loyang! Mark your calendar and make your appointment with everyone now! (",)

Meeting Place: Anderson Primary School
Meeting Time: 8.45am

For those who are staying-over, please remember to pack some clothings and toiletries. U will need to wash up and change at night.

UPDATES (as @ 21 Oct 2011, Fri, 12noon)

Confirmed attendees:

"I wanna party!" =)
Cheryl, Zong Hui

"I wanna party & dance!" =]
Steiner, Tze Ern

"I wanna party & camp!" (",)

"I wanna party, dance & camp!" (".)
Anna, Carlene, Tanya, Elizabeth, Misha, Samantha, Matthew, Jia Le, Kai Xiang, Nilay, Joshua, Gerald, Jin Keat, Jun Hao, Xiao Tao, Nelson

Possible attendees:

Absent with apologies:

"Somewhere over the rainbow..." =(
Shao Ren, Shao Heng & Jason

"I'm hibernating..." =[

RSVP by 15 Nov, Tue! Hope to see u there! (",)

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