Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day (to me)! =D

First potluck of the year happened today! (",)

One take is never enough. (".)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PSLE Oral Examination Begins!

Mission 1: River-crossing

Your mission is to safely cross River Obiang with your comrades to reach the opposite bank of the river without alerting the enemies. Secure the river bank to prepare for an assault on the enemies' power facilities.

According to the intelligence gathered by the scouts, hungry alligators await the unsuspecting preys in the river. Cross with due care. Enemies' bunker spotted 100m from the landing site. Beware of possible enemies' ambush.

Gentlemen, get ready for crossing. Good luck! (",)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When I Wish Upon a Star... (".)

"Take me home!" (".)

With Xin Yi taking the rightful ownership of the July's star in the latest Star Pupil Award, who will be the next to bring home August? ("?)

Stay tune to find out in two weeks' time! =D

Friday, August 12, 2011

Star Pupil for the Month of July 2011

Star Pupil for the Month of July 2011 - Long Xin Yi

Xin Yi is a diligent and self-disciplined student who takes pride in her work. She displays great passion for learning and constantly strives to do her best. =D

She has a cheerful disposition and is sincere towards her friends. Her humility and sincerity certainly make her a good role model for her peers. ^_^

Presenting our Star Pupil for the Month of July - Xin Yi! (",)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vote For Your Favourite Essay! =D

Picture from Scary for Kids.

We read, we write, we vote!

Here's a chance for u to win a trip for two to... McDonald's @ AMK Park! ^_*

Simply read and vote for your favourite essay using the form below. Winners will be chosen from all the voters, regardless of your choice. Each voter is entitled to ONLY ONE vote.

Download all the 38 essays from Prelim One exams HERE and start reading now! =D

Contest is open to all pesky kiddos of 6.2 20-Eleven only. Cast your vote before it closes on 23 August 2011, Tuesday, @ 6.02pm sharp! (",)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Prelim One Results @ a Glance

Presenting the Top 10/12 performers, individual subject, in 2011 Prelim ONE (in order of register no.):

1) Anna
2) Carlene
3) Xin Yi
4) Natalie
5) SiQi
6) Hui Xuan
7) Shao Heng
8) Shao Ren
9) Terrel
10) Ming Xuan

No. of:
A - 30
B - 10

Boy's Average: 75.5
Girl's Average: 79.7
Class Average: 77.3

1) Cheryl
2) Xin Yi
3) Samantha
4) Shashneetha
5) Hui Xuan
6) Matthew
7) Joshua
8) Jin Keat
9) Xiao Tao
10) Terrel

No. of:
A* - 18
A - 19
B - 3

Boy's Average: 86.3
Girl's Average: 89.5
Class Average: 87.7

1) Cheryl
2) Tanya
3) Naomi
4) Xin Yi
5) Natalie
6) Jin Keat
7) Jun Hao
8) Xiao Tao
9) Rainier
10) Shawn
11) Terrel
12) Jason

No. of:
A* - 7
A - 32
B - 1

Boy's Average: 87.2
Girl's Average: 86.4
Class Average: 86.9