Friday, October 28, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party (Update #2)

School's out, fun's in! =D

Where can u indulge in hours of hilarious fun with your nutty classmates & cute form teacher? What about tucking into a scrumptious pizza lunch & BBQ dinner? How do u like to conclude this great year in the most superb way?

Look no further! It's only at our "20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party"! (",)

Why wait? After this year, it will never be the same again... =(

RSVP by 15 Nov, Tue, and join everybody in this highly-anticipated event of the year! ^_^

UPDATES (as @ 4 Nov 2011, Fri, 1.00pm)

Confirmed attendees:

"I wanna party!" =)
Cheryl, Zong Hui, Xin Yi & Ming Xuan

"I wanna party & dance!" =]
Steiner, Tze Ern, Hui Xuan & Natalie

"I wanna party & camp!" (",)
Daryl & Denise

"I wanna party, dance & camp!" (".)
Anna, Carlene, Tanya, Elizabeth, Naomi, Misha, Samantha, Shashneetha, Mei Yu, Matthew, Jia Le, Kai Xiang, Nilay, Joshua, Gerald, Jin Keat, Jun Hao, Xiao Tao, Nelson & Rainier

Possible attendees:
Elijah, Shawn, Terrel, SiQi & Pradeep

Absent with apologies:

"Somewhere over the rainbow..." =(
Shao Ren, Shao Heng, Dylan & Jason

"I'm hibernating..." =[
Tong Sin

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shashneetha & Anna (".)

Ni hao"

Anna Ang, 2011

This blog post is dedicated to your dear classmates, Shashneetha, who is seen yakking away in this video, and Anna, who, dont't know why, likes to repeat the above lines... >_<

Sunday, October 16, 2011

6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party (Update #1)

Have u party yet?! (",)

Some suggested activities @ Aloha Loyang include:

1) Cycling (Driving license not required)
2) Swimming (With parental consent)
3) Captain's Ball (The fast & furious)
4) Basketball (If the ring is still there)
5) Soccer (5-on-5 challenge)
6) Dog-and-Bone (Stamina and strategic mind are pre-requisite)
7) Frisbee (For the young and not-so-old)
8) Water gun/bomb fight (Be ready to get really wet!)
9) Nintendo Wii-ing (Suitable for couch potatoes)
10) BBQ-ing (Chef required)
11) Strolling along the beach (Very romantic!)
12) Photo-taking (Must have!)
13) Camping over (Bring along your sleeping bag if u have one)
14) Chatting with friends (Not many chances left!)
15) Arcade-ing (Bring more 50-cent coins)
16) Ghost-story telling (Not for the weak-hearted)
17) Indoor game room (Climb & fight in here!)
18) Rollerblading (Wheels sold seperately)
19) ... and many, many more! >_<

Where else can u get to do so many fun & exciting things with your lovable classmates & cute form teacher? (".)

That's right! It's only @ 6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party @ Aloha Loyang! Mark your calendar and make your appointment with everyone now! (",)

Meeting Place: Anderson Primary School
Meeting Time: 8.45am

For those who are staying-over, please remember to pack some clothings and toiletries. U will need to wash up and change at night.

UPDATES (as @ 21 Oct 2011, Fri, 12noon)

Confirmed attendees:

"I wanna party!" =)
Cheryl, Zong Hui

"I wanna party & dance!" =]
Steiner, Tze Ern

"I wanna party & camp!" (",)

"I wanna party, dance & camp!" (".)
Anna, Carlene, Tanya, Elizabeth, Misha, Samantha, Matthew, Jia Le, Kai Xiang, Nilay, Joshua, Gerald, Jin Keat, Jun Hao, Xiao Tao, Nelson

Possible attendees:

Absent with apologies:

"Somewhere over the rainbow..." =(
Shao Ren, Shao Heng & Jason

"I'm hibernating..." =[

RSVP by 15 Nov, Tue! Hope to see u there! (",)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dodgeball-In-Motion (",)

Battle ritual - Gerald's style... ("!)

Fast & furious =O

A game not for the weak-hearted. >_<

The Marshmallows vs The Gummies. (",)

This is an annual game that I play after PSLE since 2007. Excluding 2008, this is the 4th year. I often wonder how long this tradition can continue.

It all started with Mr Muz and his class on a particular day in 2007. From there, I discovered its therapeutic effect. It is a fun yet powerful stress reliever. When the pressure gets too overwhelming, we need to unwind and relax. Dodgeball not only helps to reduce the tension in us, it also allows our body to enjoy a complete workout.

While a couple of boys expressed their fear of getting hit (by the soft doink doink ball) and hence backing out by absenting themselves from school, everyone, especially the girls, has shown remarkable resilience and high threshold for pain (in the muscles). I enjoy the game thoroughly. What about u?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Project Work 2011

SANE: Anna, Elizabeth, Naomi & Shash (Chief)

Content (10): 8.2
Presentation (10): 8.0
Creativity (10): 8.8
Aesthetic (10): 7.7
Teamwork (10): 7.2
TOTAL (50): 39.9

Recycling "Rocks"!: Nilay, Jia Le (Chief), Matthew & Gerald

Content (10): 7.2
Presentation (10): 7.5
Creativity (10): 7.0
Aesthetic (10): 6.8
Teamwork (10): 7.3
TOTAL (50): 35.8

CheezyBasket: Carlene, Natalie, Misha (Chief) & Cheryl

Content (10): 8.0
Presentation (10): 8.0
Creativity (10): 8.1
Aesthetic (10): 7.9
Teamwork (10): 8.0
TOTAL (50): 40.0

Happiness Generator: Jin Keat, Xiao Tao (Chief), Steiner & Daryl

Content (10): 7.8
Presentation (10): 7.6
Creativity (10): 7.5
Aesthetic (10): 6.5
Teamwork (10): 7.0
TOTAL (50): 36.4

Chilli Padi: Hui Xuan, SiQi, Tanya, Zong Hui & Xin Yi (Chief)

Content (10): 8.2
Presentation (10): 8.1
Creativity (10): 8.6
Aesthetic (10): 8.3
Teamwork (10): 8.8
TOTAL (50): 42.0

Number Six: Shao Ren, Joshua (Chief), Ming Xuan, Shao Heng & Elijah

Content (10): 8.0
Presentation (10): 8.4
Creativity (10): 8.4
Aesthetic (10): 8.5
Teamwork (10): 7.9
TOTAL (50): 41.2

Good Fellas: Terrel (Chief), Shawn, Dylan & Jason

Content (10): 6.9
Presentation (10): 7.2
Creativity (10): 7.0
Aesthetic (10): 6.0
Teamwork (10): 6.4
TOTAL (50): 33.5

iGrave: Kai Xiang (Chief), Nelson, Rainier & Jun Hao

Content (10): 6.9
Presentation (10): 7.9
Creativity (10): 7.9
Aesthetic (10): 8.1
Teamwork (10): 6.9
TOTAL (50): 37.7

Hope: Denise, Samantha, Mei Yu & Tong Sin (Chief)

Content (10): 7.9
Presentation (10): 7.7
Creativity (10): 8.5
Aesthetic (10): 8.8
Teamwork (10): 9.0
TOTAL (50): 41.9

This is the only precious clip that was properly recorded, by me. The rest by Carlene? Spoilt. Lousy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party

We have finally come to the time to say goodbye. Ten months are not exactly that long afterall. =(

Come join everybody in celebrating the fate that brought us together this year in this never-to-be-missed, fun-filled-to-the-brim 6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party! ^_^

If u have put in your best effort throughout the year, then u have been invited! =D

Be part of the memories on 29 Nov 2011! Consent forms will be issued tomorrow. (",)

There is no better way to say goodbye... ='(

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Children's Day 2011 =D

This is the very first Children's Day (CD) to be celebrated only after PSLE, unlike in the previous years.

Beginning 2011, CD will be celebrated on the first Friday of October. This means that PSLE and CD could well coincide with each other in certain years. ("!)

Children's Day is not merely another school holiday, though it is definitely the more the merrier. ^_^ It is a day to honour the future pillars of our nation & a celebration of childhood.

Remember to make yourself useful to our country! (",)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Star Pupil for the Month of September 2011

Star Pupil for the Month of September 2011 - Denise Soh

Denise is an industrious and conscientious student who possesses a very positive learning attitude.

Her high degree of honesty, loyalty and integrity makes her a good role model for her peers. She is respectful towards her teachers and sincere towards her friends.

Presenting our Star Pupil for the Month of September - Denise! (",)