Tuesday, October 25, 2011

6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party (Update #2)

School's out, fun's in! =D

Where can u indulge in hours of hilarious fun with your nutty classmates & cute form teacher? What about tucking into a scrumptious pizza lunch & BBQ dinner? How do u like to conclude this great year in the most superb way?

Look no further! It's only at our "20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party"! (",)

Why wait? After this year, it will never be the same again... =(

RSVP by 15 Nov, Tue, and join everybody in this highly-anticipated event of the year! ^_^

UPDATES (as @ 4 Nov 2011, Fri, 1.00pm)

Confirmed attendees:

"I wanna party!" =)
Cheryl, Zong Hui, Xin Yi & Ming Xuan

"I wanna party & dance!" =]
Steiner, Tze Ern, Hui Xuan & Natalie

"I wanna party & camp!" (",)
Daryl & Denise

"I wanna party, dance & camp!" (".)
Anna, Carlene, Tanya, Elizabeth, Naomi, Misha, Samantha, Shashneetha, Mei Yu, Matthew, Jia Le, Kai Xiang, Nilay, Joshua, Gerald, Jin Keat, Jun Hao, Xiao Tao, Nelson & Rainier

Possible attendees:
Elijah, Shawn, Terrel, SiQi & Pradeep

Absent with apologies:

"Somewhere over the rainbow..." =(
Shao Ren, Shao Heng, Dylan & Jason

"I'm hibernating..." =[
Tong Sin

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