Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cedar Fiesta 2012 (",)

This Cedar Fiesta reminded me of the CJC Carnival during my first year in Catholic Junior College. It was a really memorable experience for me - from the hectic preparation to the fun-filled day itself.

I wondered if Car, Nat, Mayo and Elpy would remember this day as deeply too. Despite the threat of possible rain, the sky held up.

Shortly after I arrived, I ran into Mei Yu and Samantha who led me to Car's stall where I saw an idling Tanya and a pretend-to-be-busy Car. The four of us, MY, Sam and Tanya became best of friends for the next 2 hours there. (^^)

We spotted Xin Yi next, or perhaps she spotted us as we were heading for the canteen. It was amazing how her restricted vision (beady eyes) could pick us out among the crowd. ("!)

Mayo then appeared out of nowhere, and robbed me of $3 for some candies. =X She has somewhat grown to be a little less annoying. Hahaha...

Nat, at that moment, came walking past like a billboard. We stopped her and together, a photo was taken. =D

The four new best friends left Cedar at 12.30pm for NEX. McDondald's was crowded, so we settled for Broaster Chicken next door which was in sharp contrast, deserted.

When will we meet again? Coming up next... Reunion lunch @ Seoul Garden! (^_*)

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