Monday, March 12, 2012

6.2 20-Eleven Reunion Lunch! (Final Update) =D

(L-R) Jun Yong, Hazel, Jun Wen, Ashley, Aloysius, Brenwin, Jang Wook, Cheng Wei, Me, Angelica, Xin Tian, Kimberly and Jia Xuan

(L-R) Hannah, Hui Ee, Andrea, Shu Xuan, Me, Davian, Chen Keat, Kelly and Xin Xian

(In Pictures) Valery, Jie Yi, Pierre, ShiHui, Natalie, Jingqi, SiYing, Jamie, Zhi Hao, Jun Xian, Aaron, Cedric, Guo Zhong, Samantha, Yu Kang, Fion, Ying Ci, Mitchel and Ryan Lai

Don't miss our 6.2 20-Eleven Reunion Lunch come this March Term Break!

It will happen only once. Miss it, that's it! ‎(๑¯⌓¯๑)

For all 17 piggies, see u then. (",)

9 Things to Note @ 6.2 20-Eleven Reunion Lunch ^_^

1) Bring your student pass! Please surrender them to me without demand.
2) As there are 17 piggies, please keep your grunt/oink low so as not to be seen as public nuisane.
3) Be courteous and orderly when u are getting your food. Food is plenty and we have at least 3 hours there.
4) While u try to make your lunch value for money, do not waste food. Take a little each time.
5) U may want to avoid eating too much rice and noodles/spaghetti. Carbo makes u full. Reserve your appetite for more of the different flavoured meat and ice cream, thereafter.
6) Try not to gobble up your food, u'll be full in no time. We have at least 3 hours there. Spend your time talking to each other too.
7) Photo-taking is compulsory. =D
8) Shash is my personal imperial chef! >_<
9) Be punctual tomorrow! (",)

Event: 6.2 20-Eleven Reunion Lunch
Date: 14 Mar 2012, Wed

Meeting Time: 11.58am
Meeting Place: City Hall MRT Station (@ Station Control)

Venue: Seoul Garden @ Marina Square


UPDATES (As @ 13 Mar 2012, 8.00pm)

I ISH WANNA PIG OUT (Usual: $16.50. Now: $10 nett!):
Natalie, Xin Yi, Carlene, Elizabeth, Shash, Matthew, Anna, Shao Ren, Xiao Tao, Tong Sin, Denise, Naomi, Mei Yu, Tze Ern, Jia Le, Samantha and me

Possible Attendees: iShy

Absent with Apologies: Misha, Tanya, Gerald and Shao Heng

Blacklisted: Kai Xiang

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