Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Secondary One Posting Results

In order to keep u updated of "who's going where with u" and to help u keep in touch with one another, here's the list of the sec schools that your classmates have been posted to:

Anna - Dunman High
Carlene - Cedar Girls' Sec
Cheryl - Nanyang Girls' High
Tong Sin - CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls'
Denise - CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls'
Tanya - Raffles Girls'
Elizabeth - Paya Lebar Methodist Girls'
Naomi - Cedar Girls' Sec
Zong Hui - CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls'
Xin Yi - Cedar Girls' Sec
Misha - Raffles Girls'
Samantha - St. Margaret's Sec CHIJ Sec (Toa Payoh)
Shashneetha - Crescent Girls'
Mei Yu - CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls'
Natalie - Cedar Girls' Sec
SiQi - CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls'
Hui Xuan - Raffles Girls'
Shao Heng - Hwa Chong Institution
Shao Ren - Chung Cheng High (Main)
Matthew - Nan Chiau High
Jia Le - Catholic High
Dylan - School of Science & Technology
Elijah - Xinmin Sec
Kai Xiang - Nan Chiau High
Nilay - Victoria School
Joshua - Xinmin Sec
Gerald - Catholic High
Jin Keat - Catholic High
Jun Hao - Presbyterian High
Xiao Tao - School of Science & Technology
Nelson - St. Joseph's Institution
Daryl - Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Rainier - St. Joseph's Institution
Pradeep - Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Shawn - Catholic High
Steiner - Maris Stella High
Terrel - Maris Stella High
Tze Ern - Dunman High
Jason - Bukit Panjang Govt. High
Ming Xuan - Anderson Sec

New schools, new starts, new lives. Cherish it.

Remember to continue to work hard and stay humble! (^_^)

Au revoir, les enfants! Take care! Bye bye!

PS: "Au revoir, les enfants!" means "Goodbye, kiddo!" in French.

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