Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party (Photos)

6.2 20-Eleven pesky kiddos. (".)

6.2 20-Ten pesky kiddos too. (>_<)

6.7 20-Oh Nine Techno Juniors. =^_^=

6.7 20-Oh Seven Techno Seniors (^_^)

"Everything like happened in a day."
~ Carlene, 2011

This aptly summarises it all. We came, we partied, we laughed, & finally we waved goodbye...

Hope most of u, if not everybody, had a wonderful time together in this uniquely-ours 6.2 20-Eleven Graduation Celebration Party. (",)

Fate brought us together eleven months ago and now we part ways for a new & exciting chapter in each of our lives. Take care everybody and let good news continue to pour in to me in many years to come! (^_^)

P.S. Special thanks to Tanya's mama for her time in all our post-PSLE excursions and the mango cheese cake at the party! =D

Not forgetting Jun Wen (6.7 '07) for rendering his first-aid knowledge from his time as a St. John medic in Catholic High. Our heart throb sent Samantha's heart 'peepop peepop' away. Hahaha... (",)

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