Saturday, March 12, 2011

Direct School Admission - Secondary

Yesterday's 7-hour Meet-The-Parent marathon was a very fruitful one. I am pleased to find that all your parents are very supportive of my effort in school. ^_^

One very commonly-asked question was on Direct School Admission exercise. Click on 2010 Direct School Admission - Secondary Exercise (DSA-Sec) for Admission to Secondary 1 in 2011, to find out more.

As I could not locate the list of participating sec schs in 2011 DSA, your parents may refer to the List of Secondary Schools Participating in 2010 DSA for Admission to Secondary One in 2011.

In addition, your parents may find this info kit handy as u prepare for 2011 DSA exercise: DSA Info Kit with Kid's Resume.

Note that the list of participating sec schs attached in this info kit was for 2009 DSA. The "DSA Info Kit with Kid's Resume" is downloaded from this site. I find the template for the kid's resume useful as it highlights the required & important info for your DSA application.

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