Saturday, November 23, 2013

6.2 '11 Alumni Reunion Party 2013

I really hope to make this BBQ gathering an annual affair for all classes that I have taught. However, it gets tougher each year as the number of classes increases.

Make a date with everybody, for it could just be the last...

Meeting Place: Anderson Primary School
Meeting Date: 3 Dec 2013, Tue
Meeting Time: 8.48am

Fee: $19.99 (No change since 2009)

Attire: Beach wear only (Helmet optional, flip-flops recommended, leaf not provided)

Things to Bring:
1) Moments-freezing device (Highly recommended, though free photo-taking is provided)
2) Handphone & camera chargers (Never go on a trip without them)
3) An extra set of clothings (Two sets recommended for those staying over)
4) Toiletries such as towels, shower foam, toothbrush/paste etc. (U may arrange to share some items with your friends)
5) Sleeping bag from your P5 camp (Camping in an air-conditioned environment this time)
6) Frisbee, watergun/bomb, basketball, soccerball, PSP etc, as u deem fit
7) $6 for bicycle rental (An hour)
8) Rollerblades (No rental of rollerblades @ Aloha Loyang)
9) Tidbits (To prevent developing horizontally, please SHARE them with your friends)
10) 50-cent coins (Bring more if u want to play in the arcade)
11) Swimwears (Undies not recommended, black shorts maybe can)
12) Energy and enthusiasm (Please pack plenty of them with u)

For a fuss-free and more enjoyable staycation, please avoid bringing too many valuables.

House Rules:
1) Safety first (Anytime, anywhere, no further explanation required)
2) Keep the chalet clean at all times
3) Good conduct & mannerism in all situations

Let's make this a uniquely 6.2 experience! =)

Partying is strictly by invitation only. (",)

Due to limited space, staying over is really NOT encouraged. =(

UPDATES (as @ 2 Dec 2013, Mon, 11.00pm)

Confirmed attendees:

Elizabeth, Shash, Carlene, Naomi, Natalie, Matthew, Tze Ern, Nelson, Jia Le, Gerald, Nilay, Elijah, Misha & Tanya

Possible attendees:


Absent with apologies:

Xin Yi


Kai Xiang - Damaged a pail of water bombs last year

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