Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Final Assault Begins!

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines

Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy lines and eliminate the King of Lala Land. Take out the enemy troops and tankers along the way.

Enemies are on high alert. Landmines are also reported by the scouts. The king is surrounded by his imperial elite forces. Proceed with extra care.

Gentlemen, let the final assault begin! (",)

The four-leaf clover has been said to bring good luck to its owner as it is very rare. Normally it has only 3 leaflets. Each of the 4 leaflets represents hope, faith, love and LUCK. U will need plenty of the 4th one in the next few days of your PSLE!

Let me give every trooper of 6.2 20-Eleven one here. ^_^

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