Friday, July 22, 2011

Model Essay (1)

Continuous Writing

School had just ended. You were walking to the café when you saw your classmate running towards you. He whispered something into your ear and you were shocked by what he told you.

Based on the above situation, write a composition of at least 150 words.

In your composition, make use of the points below:
* what he told you
* what you did after that
* what happened in the end

You may re-order the points. You may also include other relevant points.

The whirring sounds of the fans were soon drowned out by the noisy chatter of the horde of pupils rushing into the canteen. I rolled my eyes, and trudged towards the chaotic café. I stared impatiently at the corridor, waiting for my younger sister to skip joyously to my side before we headed for home.

I craned my neck and strained my eyes, struggling to keep a lookout for Joyce, when I noticed my classmate, Ian, bolt towards me. I arched an eyebrow as he leaned towards me and whispered in a hushed tone, “I’ve got a secret to tell you.”

I listened, and my eyes widened in horror as he looked at me pleadingly. “You… what?” The words came out half-choked. Ian glanced sheepishly at me, and begged, “Please, you have to help me.”

I was going to get into trouble if I helped him, but somehow I sympathised with my friend and leaving him in the lurch made me guilty. I sighed, and reluctantly agreed.

“I owe you one,” Ian mused, and with a tug on my arm, we darted to the bookstore located right behind the school. We crept stealthily in. Ian was supposed to snatch one of the wallets while I kept the cashier distracted.

“Um, hello,” I stammered, glancing nervously at the woman.

“Yes? How can I help you?” she smiled warmly at me.

“Do you sell pencil cases around here?” I asked as I felt my heart palpitating. I drew in a shaky breath. I knew that the pencil case section was at another corner of the room, which would allow Ian to escape with the wallet unnoticed.

“Of course, let me take you there,” she invited, strolling towards the end of the room. That was the signal. I caught a glimpse of Ian sprinting towards the door, wallet in hand.

“Okay, I see them. Thanks!” I managed a weak smile as I waited for the cashier to disappear from my sight before I tip-toed gingerly towards the back door.

I grabbed Ian by his sleeve and dragged him away, not bothering to let him go until we were further away. Ian trailed my footsteps, and I pulled him into the nearest toilet and whispered urgently, “Where is it?”

He fished the leather wallet out from his pocket and slipped it into his bag. “Finally I can pay my debt to Fin,” he sighed with relief, “or else I’ll be beaten to a pulp.”

I patted his shoulder gently. “Don’t ever ask me to do that again,” I warned, keeping my expression serious.

I grabbed my bag and trodded towards the café when it suddenly dawned on me. I quickened my footsteps, and as expected, Joyce was glaring at me icily. “Where were you?” she hissed as she stormed towards me.

“None of your business,” I muttered, mirroring her cold glare as we walked in silence, tension filling the gap between us.


Written by : Natalie Wong (15)
Class : 6.2
Date : 11 July 2011

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