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SA1 Results @ a Glance

2008 PSLE Top Student, Tan Pei Yu, receiving her results. (",)


PositionP5 SA2P6 CT1P6 SA1
1Hui XuanHui XuanTanya
2CherylAnnaHui Xuan
3Shao HengCherylPradeep
4NatalieShao HengCheryl
5Xin YiXin YiXiao Tao
6AnnaTze ErnShashneetha
8Tze ErnPradeepShao Heng
9PradeepXiao TaoNatalie
10MishaTong SinAnna

From nowhere in P5, Tanya makes her presence felt when she stormed into Top 10 in CT1 this year. With her unstoppable momentum, she is now sitting pretty on the Top spot. Tanya has clearly made her intention known - she's here to stay. Will this new kid on the block continue to excel? Only time will tell.

After being at the Top all these years, Hui Xuan has finally met her challenge. Does this mark the end of her domineering reign, or will she stage a strong comeback? One thing is for sure, the showdown has begun.

Meanwhile, Pradeep crept stealthily up five places to the third spot, propelled by his turbo-charged engine in his TL. Will his over-reliance on this single engine wear him out in no time or will the other engines pick-up in time for the final dash? We can definitely expect the race to be an over-heated one.

Despite sliding one place to the fourth, Cheryl continues on her consistent strides in all subjects. Let’s hope that she will be able to sustain her consistency till the very end. May the best woman/man win.

Xiao Tao, the F1-engine car with bicycle wheels, props his head into the fifth spot, up from his previous ninth. However, race analysts believe that he has already reached his limit. Any chance of moving up the standing will require an upgrade to his tyres!

First-timer, Shashneetha takes the sixth spot in the Top 10 rank after a fine showing in her EL & TL in this SA1, one of the rare gems who could manage two languages well. Who said, “No one can master two languages at the same level”? Prove it wrong, anytime.

January Star Pupil, Misha, returns to the Top flight after missing out her seating in the previous round. This could possibly mark her resurgence into the race. People, watch out! Misha is coming!

Trying to make way for other contenders, Shao Heng slides four places to the eighth after a less than usual performance. Based on his deteriorating form, he looks set to lose his Top 10 spot amidst the strong challenges pose by his peers. Will he gear up for the challenge or simply become history? Nobody knows.

After struggling to find her winning touch in the first quarter of the year, Natalie regains her place in the Top 10 this term. Her consistency in the first half of the year left much to be desired, but punters are confident that her form is back and that she will continue to scale in the second half of the race.

Disappointed fans of Anna Race Team are now up in arms, calling for the sacking of the unmotivated driver following a dismal showing despite being equipped with four F1 racing engines. This round, Anna crashes to the tenth position and barely holding off the next best contender. Has she reached the bottom of the valley or is this just the start of her decline? We shall be able to find out before the end of Term 3.

Presenting the Top 5 performers, individual subject, in 2011 SA1 (in order of register no.):

1) Anna
2) Misha
3) Shashneetha
4) Natalie
5) SiQi

No. of:
A - 23
B - 17

Boy's Average: 74
Girl's Average: 79
Class Average: 76

1) Cheryl
2) Natalie
3) Hui Xuan
4) Xiao Tao
5) Nelson

No. of:
A* - 11
A - 27
B - 2

Boy's Average: 87
Girl's Average: 85
Class Average: 86

1) Tanya
2) Xin Yi
3) Misha
4) Xiao Tao
5) Shawn

No. of:
A* - 2
A - 36
B - 2

Boy's Average: 83
Girl's Average: 85
Class Average: 84

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